A clicker-type virtual pet game about raising monsters for battle!

Raise your very own monsterpet! Keep it fed and well-rested as you train it's level up. Then bring your pet to the arena and fight to win money! Upgrade your equipment to make caring for your pet easier.

The only monster game with over 50 levels of visual evolution!


  • Choose from 3 different pets
  • Pets grow bigger every level
  • Feed, train and rest your pets
  • Automated arena battles to test your pet
  • Feeding, training and resting upgrades
  • Progress is automatically saved
  • Infinite Levels, Upgrades, and Money *
  • Unlock IN THE ZONE multiplier with fast clicking



More Info:

This game was created for the Virtual Pet Jam over 2 weeks. All the music, art and code were created by skeddles. The game runs on the native javascript canvas without any libraries.

I honestly thought this project would take a day but it still took most of the time the jam allowed. The pet sprites took a lot longer to make than I though (56 frames each), and I made the arena more in depth than initially planned. I also didn't plan on making a particle and animation system, but they were easier than I thought and fun to do.

The game was inspired by chao from Sonic (best virtual pets ever), and Cookie Clicker.

*The levels and upgrades and money could technically be infinite, I didn't put a cap on them and they are simply based on calculations. I tried to support pretty big numbers, but at some point your numbers are going to either break the UI or break javascript altogether. If you get this far, lemme know.

If you for some reason need/want to restart your save, hit ctrl+shift+alt+e

About Me

If you liked anything about this game, please let me know, I have low self esteem. I am very curious how far you get!

For more indie gamedev and monster pixel art, follow my instagram or twitter.

If you're interested in making pixel art, check out my website Lospec for free tools and resources.

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Fun, but tiring!


thanks for playing!

If you for some reason need/want to restart your save, hit ctrl+shift+alt+e or just reload the tab.....

goes to the heart of monster catching & battling game: you care for the beast yet you make it fight

monsters are cute and progression feels good. I don’t like clicking but I like this game!

any chance in the future for a downloable version?

i dont think the game is good/played enough for me to justify that

But you could get basically the same result by opening the page in Chrome, if you want it can be just the game page, then click the menu button, go to More Tools and click Create Shortcut. Check off Open as window, and hit create. You'll get a desktop shortcut which will open the game in it's own window by itself without any of the browser clutter.

Is something supposed to happen when you click the color of egg you want

...what do you mean..

The buttons are clickable under the eggs, "Red" "Green" and "Blue" but they don't do anything at all, there is no progression onto a new screen, no cracking of an egg, nothing at all.

Weird.... mine works fine... 


it still works for me. it should show a popup asking to name them. perhaps you have alerts disabled in your browser. or you can check the browser console (f12) and see if there's any errors. or you can try a different browser.

the shelter button has a problem I guess

that's quite vague

Fantastic, very well done :)

(1 edit)

The screenshots show there's more buttons than "train" at level 4, but my blue thing is level 21 now and "train" is still the only button.  The help text still says I should "click the hatch button to help it along".   EDIT: nevermind, the itch.io client-side storage hit the 2GB limit, had to wipe cache and cookies for hwcdn.net the game to work.