Killer Robots are attacking! Luckily, they're stupid.

Every time you move, the robots step towards you. If they catch you, it's all over. But, if they collide with each other, they explode! Use this to defeat them.

Use the teleporter gun to teleport to a random place on the screen. Use the bombs to explode all robots surrounding you. Each level you earn one more of each.

The longer you stay alive, and the quicker you kill the robots, the higher your score.


Click or tap the on screen buttons to move the character. Click on the play area to stay where you are. Click the bomb or teleporter gun to use a power up.


This game was created solely by skeddles, inspired by an ancient windows 95 game called Robottack, part of "201 Solid Gold Games", a random collection of crappy unknown games that I loved as a kid. It was originally made solely as a mobile app (though still programmed with javascript), and after years I finally ported it to web so everyone can try it.

The source is available on github for learning / contribution purposes:

If you play a few rounds, lemme know what you think, and what your high score is in the comments!


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super awesome game ! pretty proud i made it to level 9 with a score of 600 and somthin 

awesome game! got a highscore of 135 (is hard)!